Tinto Reserva – Laus

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Tinto Reserva – Laus

Tinto Reserva – Laus

Aged in new French oak barrels for 13 months.

Ruby red, intense in the nose with the fruity flavours of the grape and chocolate and spices from the barrel.

Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaking: The grapes fermented at controlled temperature after prefermentation cold maceration for 48 hours. For better extraction of aromas and polyphenols it was pumped over and the of delestage (rack and return) and pigeage (punching the cap) processes were carried out. After malolactic fermentation, we put the wine into new French oak barrels from different forests and coopers. It spent 13 months in the barrel to achieve full integration of the grape and the contribution of the wood, thanks to oxygen.

Tasting Note: Crystal clear deep ruby red wine with touches of bright red and garnet. In the nose it is intense, featuring the aromas of the oak barrel: toasted wood, smoke, pastries, spices and tar, well integrated with ripe fruit and raspberry jam. In the mouth it is a voluminous wine with well-marked tannin, and some more aggressive tannins persist, denoting that it can be aged longer in the bottle. The fruity flavours of the grape and the flavours from the barrel are blended, giving touches of chocolate, leather, spices and ripe fruit.

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