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a real Super-Salt

The Aegean sea provides us a top quality raw material to create our AKTAIA Sea Crystals®  that combined with the unique and eco-friendly production method we have developed, allow us to offer a superior kind of natural sea salt, a real Super-Salt! Our Sea Crystals are unique, because they preserve all the seawater minerals and micronutrients that:

  • “cooperate” with our body’s microorganisms for easier digestion and better nourishment.
  • help dissolve useful substances to be assimilated by the body.
  • help dissolve the body toxins which are then naturally eliminated.
  • restore the enzymes, which effectively contribute to the balanced functioning of our immune system.
  • contain ingredients found in our blood.
  • are a powerful natural antihistamine.
  • strengthen the bones: 20% of the body’s salt is found in the bones. Salt deficiency and consumption of refined salt are to a large extent responsible for osteoporosis.
  • facilitate sleep.
  • are vital for the libido.
  • help boost and balance thyroid function.

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