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At Aegean Naturals we believe in and we promote good health via real food, as well as environmental sustainability via green-thinking and eco-conscious acting.

Innovation: We keep evolving by offering healthy dietary choices in favour of human’s well-being and by producing based on a unique method of international classification.

Sustainability: We protect the environment and prove it by focusing on treating natural resources -sea, sun, air- in an absolutely ecological way; not to mention that we recycle and reuse raw materials every step of the way.

Integrity: We respect consumers’ needs for food products that benefit their daily dietary and we prove it by upgrading our production method so as to specialize in reduced and low sodium products or by distributing other functional handmade products.

Quality & Reliability: We evaluate our raw materials, freshness, safety, taste and nutritional facts during at each stage of the production process by complying with all necessary food safety regulations.