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We take our responsibilities seriously. Reducing our environmental footprint is at the heart of everything we do; develop, produce, package, sell or distribute. We monitor our operations and strive to exceed established standards setting new benchmarks for the healthy food industry.

Incorporate sustainability

From day 1 we pull the plug and designed a unique production method with special features to maximize use of the Sun’s and Air’s heat, so it runs without energy input. Recycling and re-using sustainable materials helps us reduce waste and cut costs.

Ultra-green packaging

Committed to the environment, we offer clients products in eco-friendly packaging, ensuring this way that we are minimising our impact on the environment.

Fewer packaging lines and multi-use cartons or fittings offer cost and space saving benefits, help reduce waste and lead to improvement of sustainability in the supply chain.


We choose our suppliers, associates and colleagues carefully making sure that they share our green-thinking and act in favour of a healthy and safe environment.

“Giving up the things we love is not the case. However, reducing the bad we do and increasing the good is what will move forward the force of change.”