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Greek patent with 20 years of exclusivity

Welcome to the world of our AKTAIA Sea Crystals®, the most nutritious and healthy sea salt! This unique product is naturally condensed and crystalized sea water, to be used in all daily applications instead of table salt.

The idea behind our patented production method, both nationally and internationally, was to make an excellent use of the plenty Greek natural resources and promote a healthy-living lifestyle by starting with the most important ingredient in our daily nutrition, the Salt!

We all know that sea water is a real health and mood booster, so Sea Salt production was a one-way mission for us! On the other hand, we were totally negative about the idea of collecting salt from cavities formed in open spaces similarly to the common practice. This would inevitably affect our pure and crystal clear raw material and pollute it with harmful toxic discharges and seabirds’ wastes.

Considering all these conditions, we decided to design from scratch a new production method against all odds and to move against the stream. We risked and succeeded the inevitable; to produce a healthier sea salt, superior even to other gourmet salts, since using our innovative method Sea Crystals® require absolutely NO further processing, not even washing, as all other natural salts do. Therefore, they maintain intact all minerals and micronutrients contained in sea water, essential to human body. Not to mention, the AKTAIA Sea Crystals® of Low Sodium , which is the only product worldwide that undergoes NO chemical process. It is 100% natural and ideal for those following a low sodium diet or want to reduce sodium intake.

To us, the success story of AKTAIA Sea Crystals® symbolizes the wish to innovate, the power to accomplish, the determination to offer.

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