Sun Dried

Keep in a cool and dry place.
Use for:



High purity primary sea crystals dried exclusively under sun power, more than a salt!

Accept no substitute for our iTQi Awarded Sea Crystals, since this is the finest sea salt, superior to any other edible salt!

The purity of raw material (ultra-clean sea water) and the unique production process makes this charming product a genuine taste enhancer. It is the well-calibrated aromas and flavours that make it attractive to all senses.

  • Lower salt than regular sea salts
  • Rich in Magnesium and Zinc
  • Rich in sea minerals and micronutrients
  • Clean and snow-white vision with a nice sheen
  • Nicely crushed, irregular grains, very natural aspect
  • Original combination of authentic sea saltiness and a touch of seaweed
  • Essential for a healthy diet

Due to the specific drying method used for their production, Sun Dried AKTAIA Sea Crystals® can only be produced for a few months within a year, when the sunlight is bright and prompt. Therefore, quantities and availability are limited.

For taste lovers available in 200g glass jars and 100g handy grinders, while for the obsessed ones in recyclable bags of over 1kg quantity.

  • All-Natural
  • 100% Vegan
  • Glutenfree
  • No additives – No preservatives
  • GMO Free